Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Beads - 3/3 and 3/5/09

I have a lovely and fun selection of beads for your enjoyment this week:

Life on Mars: This one is definitely my favorite. So much so that I'm working on a similar set of Kalera Nuggets for next week. I wanted to take the Sarah Hornik ribbon technique and turn it into something more organic. I started with a red base, layered with some complex shards in turquoise, ivory and coral. I swirled the base, then applied the layers of ribbons, clear, dsp shards and then raised dots. I'm sure I originally planned to flatten this bead but I just couldn't do it, the depth was too nice.

Angelic Wonder: A white filigrana core swirls under dichro and faint ribbons in white and blue. Raised dots feature tiny millifiori and very thin dsp shards shine on the surface. I love the ethereal feel to this bead, so light and airy.

Aqua Basket: Swirls of aqua race across the surface concealing yellow/orange stars. A hint of dichro adds some sparkle, finished with raised aqua dots and dsp shards. At first I was going to call this bead "Aqua Star Basket" but then I realized you can't see the stars or make out what they are supposed to be. They're complex murrini that I made, but one too many manipulations and they're indiscipherable.

Midnight Carnival: This set will go up in two separate auctions on Thursday. I wanted to created something fun and colorful with lots of contrast. Each of the beads features lime green, turquoise, dark orange, purple and light blue in some form of dots or lines or both.

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