Friday, March 20, 2009

Garden - Week 2

Well we got off to a rocky start, but we're trucking along now. We hit a small (major?) snag when we asked our landlord to till the ground for our garden a few weeks ago and he said that a raised bed would work better. He estimated the cost and offered to pick up the materials. We smiled and tried to imagine where we would get the money for the extra materials.

Then a couple weeks later he showed up with half a yard of organic fertilized soil, lumber, screws and electric driver and said, "It's on me." Wow! So here she is, our raised bed:

Isn't it lovely? And free? We decided to try square foot gardening, so see if we could fit all of our needs into this bed (8ftx4ft) two boxes (1ftx3ft) and six pots (roughly 1ft diameter).

The grid has 32 spaces, so far we've planted four but allocated them all.

In this photo we have two squares of spinach on the left (the flattened roundish looking soil) and kale and Swiss chard on the right.

Next we have our two small boxes in which I originally planted all the snap pea starts spaced too far apart. Now they're all in the bottom box and we have plans to fill two squares of the big plot as well. I was going to plant the other small box with snap peas, but I think I'll wait and plant it with pole beans so they can be easily anchored.

Our plan is to do most of our planting on Sundays, so my updates will be the following Friday. This round of planting was actually done on Tuesday, the 17th. See you next week!

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I'm Laura. said...

Your boxes are beautiful! It will be interesting to see if we can see the squares as everything grows... I hope you keep posting about it.