Saturday, March 28, 2009

Garden Week 3 - Sprout Watch!

We don't have anything new planted this week, though we will be planting carrots, cilantro and more snap peas tomorrow. What we do have are sprouts! I've never tried sprouting seeds inside before and I was hesitant. But we really wanted to plant a lot of basil this year and I'm happy to say we're on the right track:

I planted basil in all of the left over containers from plants already in our garden. I planted I thought three seeds in each of the little compartments and about six in the larger green thing.

At the time It: 1. Didn't realize that basil need 1 sq ft of space per plant. 2. Didn't believe that all of the seeds I planted would sprout. I was wrong on both counts and now have like 50 plants. It appears that my fingers were slippery and I planted even more than three in each compartment, some have 4 or 5. Basil anyone?

I really didn't expect them to sprout at all actually. But they grew rather quickly in Black Gold potting mix with vermiculite on top (thank you lampworking!) I planted them late Tuesday and they sprouted on Sunday!


Laura said...

lol! great minds *do* think a like! I had about 7 more sprout overnight. This is more exciting than TV.

Teague said...

Definitely! Zac has been giving them names like this "You're going to be a pizza, and you're going to pesto!" We're scouting out other available containers so we can grow them all.