Monday, March 16, 2009

New Beads for Ebay - 3/17/09

Electronica Portals - Stars: I'm hoping to make this a series. This bead features a transparent emerald green base and a bicone shape. The surface is adorned with my "Electronica" style dark silver plum concentric line pattern. At the center of each circle is a murrini star encased in clear, like a little portal.

Invaders: I just couldn't shake the feeling that little murrini in this piece were flying saucers circling a turbulent earth. The base is a mixture of opaque and transparent blues with some red/coral thrown in. Dark silver plum shards across the surface.

Sandy Beaches: A lovely serene bead in pale pink/peach with a gentle wave of green/light turquoise and a dark silver plum mountain in the background. The murrini at the apex of the spiral is just slightly raised.

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