Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Garden - Week 1

We have finally started our garden! We've actually planted a few things every year but we're very ineffectual gardeners, we tend to plant and then ignore. This year we have it all planned out, what to plant when, when to water, when to fertilize, etc... so I'm very hopeful. We're staring small:
Two small boxes of snap peas. 1 foot x 3 foot boxes with potting mix, compost and fertilizer. These are Sugar Sprint Peas, should grow fast and be tasty! We're planning to successive plant them at least two more times. Can never have enough snap peas. Or Tomatoes. Or Basil. More on that later.

We have a small basket of strawberries, quinalts, they're everbearing and hardy. I wonder if they'll be hardy enough for me? This is my third time planting strawberries, I've never eaten more than one or two berries from my efforts.

That was our first week, I'll post the results of our second week on Friday and hopefully continue to update on Fridays.


And now some beads for ebay tomorrow:

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