Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Beads for Ebay 1/29/09!

Well I promised two more turquoise beads, but I'm short a photo so you'll have to make due with one turquoise, one purple/turquoise and one clear/red. Enjoy!

Turquoise Twilight: I really see another scene in this turquoise bead. Sort of a meeting of two worlds with an icy mountain top on the right and a fiery sunset on the left. On the bottom right might be a mountain pass that the viewer is standing on, or a stream far below the mountain. Cheshire Swirl: This bead was a fun little experiment. It features turquoise and edp twisties with a layer of mottled amethyst glass and then a thick clear encasement. The bead has a nice depth to it and the colors are complimented well by the dark silver plum shards.Fiery Waters: This bead features swirls of red, yellow and white glass under clear encasement with lovely dark silver plum shards.


Monday, January 26, 2009

New Beads for Ebay - 1/27/09

Turquoise seems to be my theme this week. I have some lovely focals with interesting reactions for your perusal:
Turquoise Wave: A gentle mixture of turquoise with swirls of mustard yellow and silvered coral. The darker blue portion has a lovely metallic sheen as it shifts from blue to green.

Turquoise Landcape: I see a lovely volcanic mountain on the left with clouds over the top and and fast moving oceanic river dividing the mountain from a second landmass. What do you see?

This bead features a lovely turquoise base with mustard yellow and coral. Some silvered highlights and raised dots with a light luster.Serene Dunes: This ivory one sneaked in, but I have two more turquoises for Thursday. A lovely warm, golden ivory with silvered patches and blue/green dashes with a light luster. The spirals are slightly raised, giving a fun texture to the bead.

Happy Beading!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Recession Buster!

A Saturday Sale! I will be posting group lots of beads in etsy store tomorrow. Five focals for $50. Here's a preview:

Intricate group

This set features complex designs and intricate stringer work. Dark silver plum shards on the three of the beads and nice variety of colors to please any collector. Join by mailing list with the link on the right and get all five for $45, plus $3.50 shipping.

Jewel Tone Group

A lovely group in rich jewel tones. Purples, greens, these beads have lovely rich colors throughout. Five for $45 plus $3.50 shipping.

Earthy Group

This group features lots of earthy tone beads and organic designs. Four beads feature ivory bases and two feature dark silver plum shards. 5 for $45, $3.50 shipping.

Happy Saturday!


Monday, January 19, 2009

New Beads for Inaugeration Day! 1/20/08

Sierra Storm: A lovely clay brown and ivory backdrop with waves of blue, green and hints of yellow. Twist and gales and black spirals spin tales.
Red Sea: A deep red transparent bead with layers of blue/green and brackish shards.
Bali Hai: An ivory base with islands in blues, purples and greens. A light luster on the surface.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Beads for Ebay - 1/8/09

Undersea Fantasy: A light blue core with ribbons in blues. Dark silver plum shards on the surface. This piece features a swirl of blue frit with a slight sparkle along with the sea of ribbons.

Fire Dance: A pineapple sparkle core with two layers of ribbons in orange, yellow and hints of red. The two layers swirl in separate directions creating a figure-eight crossing pattern.

Reverberation: This is my favorite piece this week. A clear core with squiggly lines in blues reflecting every color of the rainbow. The dark silver plum shards on the surface have a wonderful array of colors and the squiggle lines create rainbows from beneath.