Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Beads for Ebay 1/29/09!

Well I promised two more turquoise beads, but I'm short a photo so you'll have to make due with one turquoise, one purple/turquoise and one clear/red. Enjoy!

Turquoise Twilight: I really see another scene in this turquoise bead. Sort of a meeting of two worlds with an icy mountain top on the right and a fiery sunset on the left. On the bottom right might be a mountain pass that the viewer is standing on, or a stream far below the mountain. Cheshire Swirl: This bead was a fun little experiment. It features turquoise and edp twisties with a layer of mottled amethyst glass and then a thick clear encasement. The bead has a nice depth to it and the colors are complimented well by the dark silver plum shards.Fiery Waters: This bead features swirls of red, yellow and white glass under clear encasement with lovely dark silver plum shards.


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