Monday, February 9, 2009

I knitted Socks!

I know, I know usually I make beads. What happens when your hobby becomes your business? You find a new hobby to add to the mix. And so I picked socks.

I did make an ill-fitting (too short) hat first, that was sort of a mobius strip for a time, so the road to socks was not without its bumps. I found this pattern online. It was fairly easy to follow and the photos are great. I had a little trouble with the ribbing. First I searched on Ravelry, then I found this video on Youtube and that made all the difference. I wasn't fully switching my yarn to the front and back so my rib stitch was a crazy cross-hatch of madness.

Admittedly, these socks are a little small for me. The foot length is perfect, but the girth is snug, apparently my feet are chubby as well as long. I haven't been able to figure out why my knitting spirals like that. If anyone knows, please tell me. I taught myself so perhaps I knit in a weird way.

I've already started on my next pair:As of this posting I've just finished turning the heel, my favorite part.


Janelle Z said...

Very cool, Teague! From the looks of your picture, I think you might be twisting your stitches (like knitting into the back of the stitch instead of the front)? That will cause that spiraling. A friend of mine knitted a whole sweater like that. To her dismay, the sides eventually twisted all the way to the back and front!

Teague said...

I think you solved the mystery! Thank you! I was thinking that about sweaters, that I need to figure this out because the twisting is sort of okay on a hat or a sock, but on a sweater... I was hoping that if I posted the pictures in a few places someone would figure out what I was doing wrong.