Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garden Week 7

Things are really starting to pick up around here.

I have these strawberries that were a gift, they're a bit further along then the ones I planted several weeks ago, show offs! And next I have my basket of strawberries, lots of blooms, but not quite berries yet.

Next I have the snap peas. These really need to be staked, hopefully we'll take care of that this weekend. We had a little scare with something eating their leaves. We sprayed them with BTK and now they're doing great. I also replanted a few peas that never sprouted.

The fourth photo from left to right: A mix of lettuces; cilantro on top, peas on the bottom; finally carrots at the far right.

Fifth Photo: The never ending supply of Kale, we've eaten it three times and it just keeps coming back. The spinach is getting very close to eating size, zac wants to wait.

Sixth and final photo: Basil Town! We replanted as much of the basil as possible. There are over 50 plants, we would need more than 20 more containers to separate them all. Zac counted them, I laughed.

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