Thursday, April 16, 2009

Electronica Beads: A retrospective

I've been working with this style of beads for a long time. In fact I debuted them in large set in 2006 that you can view here. You can see that the lines are thick and not very detailed. Over time I've found that I can vary to thickness of the lines, the spacing, and the general shape to achieve different effects. I even tried a few different color combos. Here's one in copper green.

But I always come back to dark silver plum for the lines. Nothing else works quite the same way. Recently I've been experimenting with putting complex murrini canes in the centers. You'll see quite a few of these on ebay list:

Dragon Eyes: The one at the top has a transparent purple base with bright blue "dragon eyes" at the centers.

Aqua Electronica: This one in aqua features multi-colored silver glass rose murrini, they sort of jump out of the bead in blues/greens/golds.

Evil Electronica: This black one features bright red rose murrini. I intended it be romantic but as soon as the dark silver plum started to form, I couldn't shake the idea that it might be a little evil.

I guess I went on a little bit of a rose murrini kick, since the next one in red features pale pink rose buds. This one isn't quite what I pictured, but still interesting.

Next we have another purple base/multi-colored rose murrini.

Dark Portals: A nice black bead. I intended the silvery lines to be discrete, I layered black over the silver glass in hopes of creating two thin lines on either sides.

Electronica Star Portals: This green bead came out exactly how I envisioned it. The stars each sit at the base of their own "portal" magnified by clear glass.

Pale Blue Electronica: This bead features pale pink roses but I'm not sure that they contrast enough with the base.

Blue Electronica: This bead that I gave away last month features alabaster cobalt blue glass and murrini that was intended as a spiral pattern.

And lest you think I might be bored or done with this design...nope, I put a nice little six piece set of kaleras in black in the kiln today. Expect it on ebay the week after next.

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