Friday, April 3, 2009

Garden Watch - Week 4 - More Sprouts!

A pretty exciting week, first we have new sprouts:

Snap Peas are just peaking their way out. We'll be planting more of these this weekend, can never have too many snap peas.

The strawberries are coming along, no buds yet but lots of growth in the center.

Then we have the spinach coming in. Exactly 2/3 of the spinach has come up. Weird. We planted more last weekend and we'll probably replant these spotty beds this weekend. We also planted carrots, Cilantro and more spinach in the beds to the left.

Finally, we have my favorite sprouts - the Basil! These are doing lovely, all of them are over an inch tall now and just growing every day. I've been rotating the box nearly every day because they keep leaning towards the sun.

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Kristin said...

Awesome! All the seedlings look great.