Monday, December 29, 2008

New Beads for Ebay & Double Sided Cuff Links - 12/30/08

Atlantis - This is my favorite bead from the past few weeks. It has a lovely green core that glows through the transparent core. A few stripes of goldstone give a lovely accent and the clear encasing really makes this beads sparkle.
Burnt Starlight: A lovely organic bead in red roof tile with lots of silver & enamels. Dark silver plum shards on the surface.
Sapphire Jewels: A fun focal with a periwinkle base, blue "jewels" and goldstone lines. The encasing is thick and pressed into a loose gem cut facets. It's a very neat effect on the bead magnifying it at all angles.Tweed Double-Sided Cuff Links: This is the second pair of double-sided cuff links I've made as a custom order. I'll have to start adding them to my etsy shop. I'm very pleased with the way the turned out. The pieces are connected via a piece of thick silver-plated chain.

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