Saturday, May 23, 2009

Garden - Week 10

We're just about to allocate the last few spots in our garden - Tomatoes, peppers and planting the basil outside are slated for next weekend.

The basil is doing pretty well, we've been doing the dance of taking it outside during the day and bring them in at night and all 50+ of them have at least six leaves. I've been suggesting to Zac that we might give a couple away but he is unwilling to share.

See that lovely large Strawberry? It disappeared. This would by my third strawberry casualty to date. One that I plucked prematurely, two that I found on the ground next to the pot (maybe it's just people bumping them? I've tried to put the berries back in the pot but they don't want to), and now three, mysterious disappearance.

And last we have the lovely snap peas. You can't see them well in this photo but there are actual several peas already on the vines, I expect we'll be fighting over them next week. We also planted pole beans in the planter behind the snap peas, they've been in there for about a week and are just starting to peak out. They should be interesting, the seeds in the packet were definitely not what we expected.

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