Monday, November 17, 2008

Recycled God/Goddess Beads

Recycled Couple: Something different from me. A pair of torso beads in light olive green with silver fuming. The silver fuming really sets off the curves and muscles. These beauties were hand sculpted in the flame. Don't you just love how the silver fuming caught the male figure?

The glass comes from a wine bottle, I can make these custom from a special bottle for you. I have a few shades of green in my shop and a light blue from a Japanese soda bottle

Rainbow Hoops: A black base bead with concentric rings in a rainbow series. Very striking. Dark silver plum shards on the surface, accenting the lines. I'll have a few more in this series up this week, bright colors in concentric rings on different shapes. They were lots of fun to make.
Red with Portal: A bright red bead with a black central portal. Blue concentric lines accented with dark silver plum webs. I think I only have one more Jen G. window bead that will go up on Thursday.

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