Friday, October 10, 2008

Drinking Chocolate - Hot chocolate for die-hards.

Drinking chocolate is like hot chocolate times ten. Hot chocolate is made from pressed cocoa powder whereas drinking chocolate is generally made from real chocolate, including the cocoa solids that give it richness. I've been a long time connoisseur of hot chocolate and a more recent convert to drinking chocolates. Drinking chocolates should be smooth, rich, almost like a melted chocolate bar. Here are a few of my favorite chocolate beverages:

Schokinag Drinking Chocolates-These were some of the first I sampled. The Triple Chocolate and the Extreme Dark are both very good. The Triple Chocolate would probably appeal to a broader audience, it's decadent with out being overwhelming. The Extreme Dark is just that - extreme, wonderful for someone who really loves dark chocolate but not so great for your average dinner guest. I also tried their Dulce de Leche, which isn't chocolate at all. I found it way too sweet, but I don't have much experience with the drink so it may be authentic. Overall I really enjoyed the Schokinag products but if made to the supplied recipe they're a little thin to be a true drinking chocolate.

Dagoba Hot Cocoa

This one is also a hot chocolate, but mixed correctly, with 4 tablespoons of powder and 11 whisks clockwise and then 11 whisks counter-clockwise(I'm not making this up, it's on the tin), it's delightfully decadent. Dagoba is also available at my local grocery store which gives it high marks for convenience. $8 and change is not a bad price either, I've certainly paid more and been disappointed.


At the Eugene Celebration I recently sampled Sipping Dreams drinking chocolate. It was rich and authentic. Perfect for a cool evening. Unfortunately they don't have any retail location sand aren't selling online yet. At the Eugene Celebration they were s
elling it in dixie cups for $3. They also bars to melt and cute demitasse cups.


A year or so back I discovered Chantico by Starbucks. As a non-coffee drinker and a local business supporter, I don't keep tabs on Starbucks. I knew that they didn't have hot chocolate for me and that's all I needed to know. So I heard about the Chantico after it had been discontinued. Undeterred, I found a bag on ebay and whipped it up at
home. I can't vouch for my methods as authentic to theirs. I found it rich but slightly chemically. If you are interested in recreated it, I recently stumbled upon this recipe for it, which may work well to recreate it.


In closing, I think that someone should buy these for me:

Clearly I need a personal drinking chocolate mixer...Does it also do windows? And maybe dinner?

Also this one, because sometimes I feel like sharing my drinking chocolate with my sweetie (you know after he makes it for me a presents it on a silver platter):


wildchildnatural said...

mmmm, that sounds good, hot chocolate is good... what would dark chocolate drink be? 10x!? (falls over with joy)

Teague said...

It's wonderful, you should try it!

StephanieK said...

It sounds so wonderfully decadent! I'd love to try some. Thanks!

The Cocoa Lady said...

Dagoba's Xocolatl is my favorite. At first sip it is mildly sweet, then a spicy kick comes in.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of like a public service blog post ! I never really realised the difference between the two ( terrible admission for a chocoholic ). I see I need to sharpen up my research a little. Have to say the most gorgeous hot choc I've ever had was at Angelina's in Paris. Green and Black's is the cupboard and its not bad :) Looking out for some Dagoba now.

Teague said...

The Hot Cocoa Lady - Wow it looks like you're clearly an expert of sorts. I'd be happy to sample things for you! I've been afraid of the Xocolatl because I'm sensitive to spiciness and I would be so sad if I bought a tin and then it was too spicy for me.

Starbluesky - I'm sure what you had in Paris was divine! I've used a lot of Green & Black's in my cooking and been happy with the quality. But I have a tin of Green & Black's Maya Gold in my pantry that is just terrible - tasteless. So I haven't bought any more from them as it was kind of expensive and small - 5.3oz. So avoid that one.