Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Last Friday Artwalk

Cookies! Thumb print cookies made a comeback this month with this recipe from Gourmet magazine. These were actually a little easier and more fool-proof than the ones from July. Although rolling three little balls and pressing each one was very time consuming. I tried to skip pressing them flat before pressing the indentation in them, but the cookies came out too puffy and dumped their jam.

We were disappointed to miss out on Rochelle who was scheduled to play in out studio, perhaps she'll come back another time.


Laura Bracken said...

Oh lord! I was hungry... my stomach is growling... and I stumble upon your picture of thumbprint cookies! Eek! I have no will power!!! They look scrumptious!

Teague said...

These are really tasty but time consuming to make. I have a lot of people who come into my studio tell me that I'm in the wrong business.