Saturday, February 23, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about self-promotion. It seems that I have a lot of beads and jewelry just waiting to find new homes. Clearly I need new avenues for my work. One thing I did is send in samplers to The Sampler, you can see my tiny card peaking out in the group shot. I sent them 100 goddess cellphone charms, as seen on the left.

I also sent them some wine stoppers and key chains, essentially promoting my goddess line. I've also been working on a wholesale catalog and it has made me realize that I need to par down my offerings to something manageable and promotable. Instead of offering everything under the sun, each item has to fit into a "line" of items with a similar style. I hope it will create some cohesiveness and give me direction. I'll still be making and selling beads in whatever style suits my fancy.

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